• Ryan Lee

Misunderstanding About Property Negotiator.

Many people thinks that Property Negotiator only a middle man, who only introduce certain property to Purchaser. But, actually property negotiator is more than that, where a professional property negotiator able to help you to analyse your current situation, and helping you to solve your problem from "A" to "Z".

The common mistake that made by purchaser during buying a property is not being honest to Negotiator that helping them. When you tr,ying to hide your actual informations about yourself to the negotiator, actually you are doing harm to yourself, where end up you lost your earnest deposit or wasting your time on the property that not suitable or affordable to you.

Other than that, you should also let the negotiator know about all of your requirement, in order for them to sort list the property that suit your requirement, eventually save your time & money.

If you have other doubt on buying your dream property, please feels free to contact me Ryan at 016 9862629 . Let me help you on this.

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