• Ryan Lee

5 common mistakes of buying property.

#1 Buying property following the market trend.

  • Many of us buy property for our own stay or investment following the market trend or following our friend's move. This is a big mistake because you won't know that the property you buy is suitable for you, neither your friend nor another 3rd party. The decision to pick up the property itself purely depends on another party but not matching your own requirements.

#2 Buying property engaging a Professional Negotiator.

  • There are many options on the market out there. If you wish to purchase a property without involving a Professional Negotiator, it is a big mistake. Thinking that you wanna cut your cost on the negotiator service's charges, but might end up you spend more than you can imagine. The negotiator's roles are acting on behalf of you and helping you fight the best offer for purchasing a specific property. Other than that, the negotiator will also conduct due diligence on another party to eliminate fraud during the process.

#3 Does not come straight to your Property Negotiator.

  • During sorting your property, you might choose to hide some information regarding your requirement or financial status to the negotiator. But this is a wrong move!! You can imagine hiding your income information to your accountant or tax agent, what would happen at the end? The answer is the same, you will suffer loss. All the data requested is beneficial for evaluating your capability to obtain a property. If the data is not tally, you might suffer loss too.

#4 Involved too many property negotiators for property finding.

  • A lot of people thinks that the more is merrier. But this is not applicable during the process of property finding. If you involved too many parties, you will get confused and eventually affect the final decision to obtain a property. Because you get inputs from a different party and not most of them tell the truth or understand the actual situation on the market, they merely give you advice and lead you to their preferred finish line.

#5 Never understand your own requirements on your next property finding.

  • Let's face it, nobody can read your mind, nobody has the superpower of "Vision" from Marvel. So, you must sit down and meditate, then ask yourself what you want. Then list down the requirements or expectation, and have the list hand over to Professional Negotiator to allow them to do their job which is sort listing.

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